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Memory technologies with multi-scale time constants for neuromorphic architectures

Neural processing in the nervous system occurs naturally over multiple time scales ranging from milliseconds (axonal transmission) to seconds (spoken phrases) and much longer intervals (motor learning).

The main objective of the EU H2020 MeM-Scales project is the development of a novel class of algorithms, devices, and circuits that reproduce multi-timescale processing of biological neural systems. The results will be used to build neuromorphic computing systems that can process efficiently real-world sensory signals and natural time-series data in real-time and to demonstrate this with a practical laboratory prototype.

The technology developed in this project will enable low-power and always-on IoT and edge-computing processing systems for applications that do not need to (or cannot affor to) connect to the cloud.

Neuromorphic Engineering

We are a team of neuromorphic engineers. Neuromorphic Engineering is an emerging interdisciplinary field that takes inspiration from biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, and engineering to design hardware/physical models of neural and sensory systems.

Consortium members

We are backed by a consortium comprising trusted research centers, and coordinated by CEA.