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MeM-Scales Project


Our scientific and technological objectives can be summarized as follows:

  1. To study the theory, and develop algorithmic and architectural innovations for realizing adaptive and robust multi-timescale neural processing on mixed-signal analog/digital neuromorphic processors comprising both volatile and non-volatile memory devices to implement the synaptic circuits and TFT-based neurons.
  2. To develop novel hardware technologies that support on-chip learning with multiple time constants, both for synapses (volatile memory option combined with non-volatile memory, Electrochemical metallization, vacancy-type oxide-based memories, and Phase Change Memory), and neurons (TFT option exploration, plus integration with other devices).
  3. To study and develop an ultra-low-power, scalable and highly configurable neuromorphic computing processor capable of online, life-long learning for personalized neural learning and adaptation algorithms.
  4. To validate and demonstrate the project developments on realistic fully personalized edge application cases (by both simulation and board prototyping).


Project workflow