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MeM-Scales Results

Here you will find updates on our results.

Application domain targets and requirements

Based on several representative application case studies, a report has been prepared to summarize the main application domain characteristics and their requirements on time-scale ranges. This analysis substantiates our claim that up to 9 orders of magnitude of time scales need to be supported from msec up to months or even years.

Toward a theory of timescales in neuromorphic computing

A report has been prepared which analyses different sorts of “timescales” that are relevant for the co-design of neuromorphic hardware systems and the information processing that can (or cannot) be done on them. The main findings are a differentiation between causal timescales (effective in the hardware basis) and phenomenal timescales (descriptive for the information processing). Causal timescales are typically formalized by time constants in differential equations, whereas phenomenal timescales describe desired performance aspects with regards to speed, reactivity, and memory.